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Product Features

- How do I get the right size in internet ordering?

Each model page has a DIVISION TABLE section. You can easily decide the right body by comparing it with your own body size.

- Can I get information about your warranty procedure?

The product which you have a complaint is examined by our production department. If there is a manufacturing error, we immediately change with a new one. In this process, all cargo charges are met by us.
Damage caused by improper washing, bruising, puncture, tearing, hair removal, disassembly, dyeing, applying sunscreen, tea coffee stains etc. are included in the user error. It is protected by laws that the compensation does not belong to the firm. In case of errors caused by the user, your product will be returned to your address.

- What's the snap on the swimsuit and legs of a swimsuit?

The jaws on the arms and legs of your swimsuit are paired with each other and are intended to prevent the opening and opening of the water when entering the water.

- What are the ropes hanging from the top and the bottom of the swimsuit?

The upper and lower parts of your swimsuit are connected to each other in order to prevent the risks of rising and opening up in the water. In this way, you can feel more comfortable swimming.

- I lost the swimsuit. Can I have one?

Our products are sold as a team. If you don't have a single sale on our website, you may want to contact our customer representatives to ask for help.

- How long will my bathing suit dry?

Special fabrics are produced by taking into consideration the sensitivities about drying times. In addition, our swimsuits designed from parachute fabric can be said to dry a little faster, compared to lycra swimsuits. But depending on the temperature of the area, sunlight or shade, the drying times vary. Most of our full swimsuits are produced from minimum 1 kg fabric. And it is unrealistic to expect it to dry out and dry immediately. For this reason, and in our health, it is recommended to go on vacation with a replacement swimwear.

- Swimsuit get stuck when he comes out of the water?

All fabrics are stuck on you when you enter the water. Models that leave the body more quickly when you come out of the water are parachute fabric swimsuit models.

- Can I narrow down my suit at the tailor?

If you have a tailor that you trust, you can of course make a collapse. But we suggest that we make a change until we find the right size for you. Swimsuit fabric is not good results for every tailor.

- Does my swimwear include underwear?

All our swimsuits are sent to you with their underwear. There is no separate sale or exchange of underwear.

- I don't like the bonnet included in my suit, can I change it?

All our bathing suits are sold with their bonnet and no bone changes are made. If you wish, you can buy only one of our products.

- Can I get my top / bottom different size?

Our products are sold in sets and the body is not specifically modified.

- What is the fabric of your products?

Our products are made of 85% Polyester 15% lycra fabric. Produced in parachute fabrics only in our swimsuits, arms, pants and bone lycra are produced.

- Are your fabrics water repellent?

All our lycra and parachute fabrics have water repellent properties.

Water repellent is a chemical application to the fabric. It makes the water suck late. However, washing with detergents in the machines results in a rapid loss of water repellency. The strong water retention feature in the first use loses its properties over time.